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44 Years of Customer
Satisfaction and Service.

Here's What Some of the N.A.H.C. Field Testers had to say about the Barrel-Lite® Firearm Safety Inspection Device.

Jim Allen wrote:
On 12/18/13

Yes, itís fine if you add my comments to your testimonial page. I wish you a wonderful holiday season as well.
Jim Allen

Dear J. Bar Products Intíl, Inc.

I ordered six barrel-lites on 12/12/2013 and I just received them today. Thank you very much for the prompt shipment! I didnít expect them before Christmas, but they arrived in time to use a couple of them as stocking-stuffers for my son and son-in-law.

In the thank-you letter that came with my order, you ask how I found your website. I have a battery-operated bore light that I donít like, so last week I did a web search for bore lights. Eventually I found your website through a recommendation in a post on a shooting forum. So, the best way to describe how I found you was through word-of-mouth.

Let me just add that I think your product is fantastic. Iíve been familiar with the science behind your barrel-lite for many years as I used to demonstrate total internal reflection for my students using a coiled piece of clear acrylic rod and a low-power Helium-Neon laser. So, when I saw your barrel-lite is based on the same principle, I knew it was the best choice for my gun-cleaning and -smithing needs. I ordered 6 because I plan to give most as gifts, and I would imagine Iíll be purchasing more in the future for the same reason. Finally, my gun club has NRA-certified Hunter Ed instructors, so I will be more than happy to pass along your contact information to them.

Thanks again for a great product.

James L (Jim) Allen
Seabrook, TX 77586

Don Lee wrote:
On 12/12/13
Hello John,

I do not have any problem with you using my statements about your product. Thanks for asking and I hope everyone there has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Till next time,
Don Lee

To whom it may concern:

I received my order today and was well pleased when I tried it out. I enjoy shooting and maintaining my guns. I was looking for a bore lite for checking my guns after cleaning and before target practice. Also, it was a request for a Christmas present from my son.

That is why I purchased three. One for me and one each for my two sons.

I was surfing the web for bore lights, when I ran across your advertisement. The Barrel-Lite, It impressed me with the fact that it has a lifetime warranty, no batteries or bulbs required. It is very inexpensive and most importantly it is made in the Good Ole USA. As I said before I was well pleased with the device. I feel confident that my sons will be as pleased as I am. I imagine that I will purchase a few more as I have several good friends that are avid hunters and shooters as I am. This will make an excellent inexpensive gift for them.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Don Lee

Rick Langenbrunner wrote:
On 12/2/2013 5:37 PM,

No problem. Feel free to post my comments as you wish. I've had the battery operated models and the colored plastic lights. Pardon the pun but they don't hold a candle to your lite.

I'll be sure to let my friend know about your dealer program. I will see him later this week.

Janet and John,

I received my 5 barrel lites today. I was really surprised to see them so soon. I first saw the barrel lite on the Dillon web site and ordered one. I searched and found your site on google and placed my order that day. I can't believe how much light it puts down the barrel without blinding you. I wanted to have one in the safe, one on the gun bench, one with the cleaning kit and one in the range bag. I'll keep one in the car for those unexpected stops at a gun shop or gun show and most likely give one to a friend that owns a gun shop.

Thanks again for a great product,

Rick Langenbrunner

Jim Sheppard
Good afternoon, my name is Jim Sheppard from Arkdale, WI.
and I just purchased your product the Barrel-Lite at the
Castle Rock Trading Post. In Dellwood, WI.

What a clever and handy little tool this is!

Works well in my double barrel or my pump.
It will go with me in the duck blind this fall.
This works well and is priced right.
Everyone that I hunt with will know
about this tool.

Thank you for your time, and again,
love your product.

Jim Sheppard
Arkdale WI 54613   10/05/2011
Michael Fitzgerald
THE BARREL-LITE: Never Leave Home Without It!

Such a remarkably simple and effective device, at
a more than fair price! Superb packaging and quick
delivery likewise exceed expectations. These durable
little passive illuminators have never failed me and
they have proven to be great gifts that bring smiles
to the faces of my shooting buddies.

Ms. Barber, Mr. Barber, and J. Bar Products get my vote
as Poster Children for quality, value and customer
service in the Firearms Industry.---
Sincerely, Michael Fitzgerald 03/02/2011
Mike Petkus
Hi John C. Barber Jr. , J. Bar Products Int'l., Inc.
It is nice to let you know what a great product
your company has. I am a life long gun owner
and know the importance of proper firearm
cleaning and maintenance. There is nothing
more important then making sure your gun
barrel is clean and safe. There are many
products that can help you accomplish this,
but nothing more effective than the BARREL-LITE.

This highly effective device require no batteries
and illuminates the barrel for perfect examination
of the bore/rifling, allowing one to easily spot any
imperfections and or debris that may be left over
even after the most intense cleaning. It is so simple,
any light source will make this product work, and it is
virtually indestructible. If you canít/donít examine
your bore, you canít ensure it is clean, and canít
ensure it is safe, not mention the loss of accuracy
that comes with a dirty bore. I recommend keeping
it in your pocket at all times when checking out used
or new guns at shows/stores, or spending time at the range.

Thanks BARREL-LITE for making gun maintenance
so much easier.--- Sincerely, Mike Petkus 2-7-2011
Roger Morrow
I ordered a few more barrell lites for my friends who had not been
enlightened. Other similar products are junk in comparison. Thanks
for a perfect product. --RAM
Schaefer's Gunsmithing & Shooters Supply
I found the "Barrel-Lite" Firearms Inspection Device extremely handy to use. In working on various customers firearms, it provided excellent bore inspection in all calibers and gauges with a variety of light sources. As a gunsmith, I have used various bore inspection devices and have often found in the field or away from my shop that the batteries were either weak or dead. With the "Barrel-Lite" the perfect amount of light needed for a thorough inspection of the bore was available from any light source. Due to the design and material it can be tossed in you gun box or tackle/tool box without worry of damaging it. I would highly recommend the
J. Bar Products "Barrel-Lite" to any shooter or gunsmith. -- Glen Schaefer
Scott Smith -- Valdex, Alaska
This Barrel Inspection Tool proved itself a very worthy item to have in my backpack. It's small, Lite weight and very tuff. I found that it worked well to inspect my barrel during daylight hours or at camp at night by fire light. I was amazed at how well this non-battery powered inspection device absorbed surrounding light and allowed me to inspect my rifle bore at anytime. Not having to replace batteries is a major benefit of this simple, but valuable tool. I would highly recommend this Barrel inspection tool to all NAHC Members. --- Scott W. Smith
Thomas Hertzog -- Norristown PA.
The Original Barrel-Lite is the most convenient, easy to use firearm inspection device I've ever used.
No batteries to replace, no bulbs to replace. Use any light source. It's compact, fits in your shirt pocket.
The only problem I had with the Original Barrel-Lite is getting it back from the other guys in camp who kept saying "That's pretty neat, can I try it?" --- Thomas Hertzog
Larry F. Duda -- Wabeno, WI
The Original Barrel-Lite, Firearm's Inspection Device is simply a wonderful product. It's easy to carry. Fit's comfortably into any pocket, for easy access.
While hunting Wisconsin's Later Whitetail Season; The weather condition's were just horrible. Partial Rain, then heavy wet snow's. I had sat my Rifle against a tree while resting For Lunch. The snow fell from the tree, all over me and down on my Rifle.
I thought, what a better time to try the Barrel Lite. After unloading the Ammunition and upon Quick Placement of the Barrel-Lite Inspection Device up to the chamber, it showed Easily, a small piece of Tree Bark and a fair amount of snow in the Barrel. "which could have Been disastrous" upon firing a loaded weapon.
This almost same situation happened to me while carrying a shotgun during RABBIT SEASON. I'm a severally disabled hunter anyway's. The Barrel-Lite, Inspection Device sure saved me from being more Disabled Then I Already AM, or worse.
The Barrel-Lite is Excellent For All my Firearm's And is so easy to use.
I highly Recommend The Barrel-Lite Inspection Device To ALL N.A.H.C. members. You won't Regret having one on your next hunt. -- Larry Duda
Ronald Myers -- Salem, IN
I was able to check my hunting firearm barrel before each hunt with the Barrel-Lite.
It was used on several different Calibers:
  • 22's
  • 12 gage shotguns
  • 357 pistol
    The Barrel-Lite was tested inside and outside, and did draw light into the bore. It is very light weight, and with a pocket clip the Barrel-Lite can be carried very easily. In my opinion every hunter should have one. -- Ronald Myers

    William Armour -- Clifton, CO.
    I tested the Barrel-Light made by J. Bar Products, Found it to be not only a very good product, but also a lot of fun to carry around just to see the looks on peoples faces when checking out their favorite gun.
    Barrel-Light requires no batteries, works very well with any light source, is very easy to carry, and works on any caliber gun or any gun action.
    barrel-Light allows you to check your gun barrel not only for cleannes but any obstructions even in the field, in the safest way. Threw your chamber, so you know gun unloaded. I Highly Recommend Barrel-Light. -- William Armour
    Carl Swanson -- Panama, NY.
    I used this during 1993 Shot Gun Season for Deer and found it to be an excellent tool for lighting up the bore of all my guns. I found it extremely useful for bolt action and for Pistols. It produces a very bright illumination in the barrels without the need for any brilliant external light. I would recommend this for every cleaning kit and hunting camp because it requires no batteries just a small light source. -- Carl Swanson
    Richard Stasiak -- Omaha, NE.
    Every rifleman should have one of these! It allows an easy way to view the status of the rifle bore, even when hunting. It is small, has no batteries or moving parts to wear out, can be used with any light Source, any caliber firearm; I presume the cost is quite moderate as well. I used mine on a large number of different rifles, at home during cleaning, at the shooting range, and while on hunting trips. It provided a good view of the bore under a wide variety of conditions, This is a simple device, and it should last a lifetime. All considered, one of those handy devices should go along on every shooting trip. -- Richard Stasiak
    George Adrian (Hunter Safety Instructor) -- Chippewa Falls, WI
    To Whom This May Concern:
    My name is George Adrian and I teach Hunter Safety classes in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
    I have been using the Barrel-Lite firearms Inspection Device since 1992. In class the students use the Barrel Lite to see the rifling and the lands in the barrel.
    Upon graduation each student receives a Barrel-Lite. The clip enables the student to carry it with himself or herself in the field.
    In the fall of 1992 I went to Colorado Elk Hunting. One of the men I was hunting with dropped his rifle in the dirt and use of the Barrel Lite shown the barrel was plugged with Dirt.
    In 1994 while rabbit hunting my son tripped and jammed his shotgun into the mud. He used his barrel Lite to see that the barrel was plugged with about 6 inches of mud.
    I carry a Barrel Lite with me whenever I go into the field hunting as do my sons also. -- Sincerely, George Adrian
    Wayne Perri -- Hartland, ME
    This seems to be a handy product. With no batteries to change it'll work under any lite cond, To show any powder residue. or cond of barrell From pistol to Shotgun. Keep one in your gun cleaning kit and get rid of that battery power'd one -- Wayne Perri
    Herbert Souza
    Dear Sir,
    I received the J. BAR Products, Barrel-Lite, in the latter part of November, '93'. I've used the Barrel-Lite almost daily in my work, ever since. I carried it in my pocket, secured by the handy clip it comes with. One of the features I really like about the Barrel-Lite, is it requires no batteries, or bulbs. Cleaning and inspecting weapons, on a daily basis, as a police armorer, will ensure my Barrel-Lite lots of work.
    I went hunting during the first half of December. I brought the Barrel-lite with me in my pocket. I can give the Barrel-lite a good recommendation for use in the field. The clip secures it well, and it works even on cloudy days.
    I recommend the Barrel-Lite, because it's cost effective (no batteries or bulbs to replace), lightweight (unobtrusive in a shirt pocket), comes with it's own clip (secures well in a shirt pocket), and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
    Fraternally yours, Herbert Souza
    Hello John,

    I wasn't able to catch up with Brendan, the SSAA Technical Advisor, over the last couple of weeks, but I did show the Barrel Lite to a couple of lever action shooters trying to check their barrel cleanliness, and they were happy to pay $10 each.

    I've emailed the SSAA merchandise department to suggest they consider offering these on their website and that I could send them a sample, along with your pricing structure.

    I'll try to catch with Brendan sometime soon as well; we don't shoot the same competitions at the club so don't really bump into each other very often.

    I will keep you informed of any developments.

    Kind regards, Norbert

    Follow up to order and use of product.

    I will be giving a Barrel-lite plus postage to the SSAA merchandise bloke, plus I may end up giving another one or two away to others for review. And that doesn't count the time I have been here at the computer writing up emails, etc! :-)

    But that's all OK, as I think you have a good product and it's worth making it available to Australian shooters, as well as making them aware of it and it's safety benefits.

    Here in Australia we tend to look after one another rather than just hand over money to cancel a favor. The carton of beer to say "thanks" is very much alive and well here! :-)

    I really don't want you to be concerned about re-funding me the costs I have incurred in doing this. I would rather have a friendly contact in the US, and in fact I could use some help right now.


    NOTE: We can't send him a carton of beer, BUT We will be sending to him some replacements for his efforts in helping to us get the word out there in Australia. John C. Barber Jr.

    Jovan Jocic

    Hi John,

    Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the barrel-lites and have already used them on the range and found them very useful. Thank you for all your efforts.

    Jovan Jocic - UK, England 4 - 2009

    Ivan Prihistal

    Hello Mr. Barber
    I am using this product the Barrel-Lite I purchased from you last month for checking bore condition on following weapons in my possession.

    A. Mauser M-24 7.9 mm - works great(I could notice residues in the barrel witch were normally undetected)

    B. ZKM 452 .22LR for this rifle Barrel Lites seems a little bit big but can be used.

    C. ZH 304 12/12 gauge and 12/1x57R - works great

    D. Krieghoff K-32 19 gauge works great

    E. Browning HP-35 9 mm PARA works great

    F. Ruger Old Army .45 - works great

    G. Also used it on following weapons CZ 97,75 Glock 17/19/21 and HS 2000

    I am very satisfied with your product and I have recommended it to all my shooting buddies.

    Ivan Prihistal - Dubrave 10342 - Croatia


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