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42 years of Customer Satisfaction and Service.

42 year Business Opportunity
for Sale:

BARREL-LITE® Firearm Safety Inspection Device
Motto: A Clean Firearm is A Safe Firearm

Due to an older age and some related health situations,
this business with an exceptional high potential and still an
open market world wide for the right person(s) or Wholesale
Company or a Major World Wide Distributor is up for sale for
the right price. The BARREL-LITE® product has the fullest
potential earning value of over several Million Dollars in sales

In the coming years for the right purchaser of said product.
We are asking for only $185,000.00 (not set in stone) for all
Rights to this valuable product. We are open for all within
reasonable offers for full discussions and negotiations.
See the end of this promotional page and this condensed
presentation for full contact information.

While we are looking for a potential buyer.
We are and will continual to be looking for the following.
We are seeking Individuals, Wholesalers, Distributors,
Dealers, Jobbers, Sportsman's Clubs, Sales Reps,
Hunter Safety Education Instructors, Mail Order Catalog
Companies, for this fast moving item. Sell it at Outdoor
Sport and Hunting Shows, Gun & Knife Shows and ETC.
A proven fast show and tell seller. An excellent and
inexpensive product as a promotional item, etc.

Many Hunter Ed Instructors use them as Graduation
gifts for their students upon completion of the Hunter
Ed Classes. The BARREL-LITE® can be imprinted
on two panels, Product Price information and imprinting
information sent upon request.


This Registered improved product has been around
for 38 years in the Sports Hunting Market place as a home
based small business since its invention. It is being used
by Hunters / Gun Owners, Hunter Safety Instructors, across
the USA and in Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Government and Most all the Canadian Providences, and 20 U. S. A. States in their DNR Hunter Ed Programs as a Training Aid in their Hunter Ed Firearm Safety Classes and used by many gun enthusiasts throughout the World.

The BARREL-LITE® product has been Field Tested
and Endorsed by the North American Hunting Club in 1994.

The Owners still has not even come close to the
BARREL-LITE® reaching its fullest market potential. It is
like the Hula Hoop, It will be around for years and years
to come with the younger hunters coming of age every year.
They have built this business with their own funds, investing
several Thousands of Dollars for the Registration and
Injection Mold and Promotions by attending Two Shot Shows
in Las Vegas. They have attended Several IHEA
(International Hunter Instructors Associations) Annual
Conventions, in the U. S. A., and in Canada.

They have attending many Gun And Knife Shows
around the Country promoting and selling their fine
product for several years. To introduce and present the
Best Firearm Inspection Safety Inspection Device in
America in its “Best of Classification” of
“Non Battery Operated” Firearm Safety Inspection Devices.
Check out our Web Site at
Full Company and product information is shown there.
For Canadian inquires contact our Canadian
National Distributor, Mr. Pat Gignac, at
Who we established in 2010.

The owners have not been to any new
“Gun and Knife Shows” for over 10 years, or have not
attended any other “IHEA Conventions” since 2005.

Over the years these two owners have received
many various sponsorships awards and other awards for
their exceptional product. including their latest achievement of
being accepted into the “2011 Who's Who book” of business's.

This product has all U. S .A. made parts
(including the Clips) and is fully an American
“Made in America” product since it inception back in 1976.
We have an excellent fully reliable Company Manufacturing
our product to our specifications for us today located in
North West Wisconsin.

Please direct any offers or inquires to purchase to:

John C. Barber Jr.
V. P. Sales and Marketing

Yours for A Safer Day in the Field and in the Home!

Respectfully yours,
Janet L. Barber       John C. Barber Jr.

Janet L. Barber        John C. Barber Jr.
President & CEO     V. P. Sales and Marketing

J. Bar Products Int'l., Inc. The “Original” BARREL-LITE®

1944 Cottonville Dr. Arkdale, WI. 54613
PH: 608-564-2995
Fax: 608-339-6566
Cell: 608-403-1562
Bus. Email: or to
Web Site:
Email: Personal:

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