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Bulletin #8 08-24-2009

A New Door opened up for Barrel-Lite™

On June 22, 2009 we received an order from paypal for 6 Barrel-Lites from a Mr. C. T. Fields.

It turned out that Mr. Fields was with the Department of Wisconsin Corrections. We sent the 6 units to him and shortly afterwards on July 28, 2009, we received an inquire for 500 units from Mr. Fields.

We presented our quote for the 500 units, and the request came back for price quote 405 units. Which we sent to Mr. Daniel Westfield, On July 31, 2009, (Who is The Department Director in Madison). The order for 405 units was confirmed on July 31, 2009. with an accepted with a delivery date of August 11, 2009. For presentation to his staff at his meeting on the 12 of August, to be held at the Waupun Correctional Institute.

We completed the order on August 9, 2009, and Due to the short delivery time involved. We made the an offer and a suggestion to Mr. Westfield that we could make a personal delivery at the location of said meeting. We also asked "if it would be possible we could make a short presentation to his members at this meeting".

This suggestion was accepted by Mr. Westfield and he gave us directions to said meeting place. It was at the Waupun Correction Institute in Waupun, WI., and the time of said meeting was at 10:00 AM.

We left Arkdale, WI. at 7:30 AM., and proceeding to travel to Waupun, Wisc. We arrived there at 9:45 AM. This was a first time visit for us to State Prison.

Upon our arrival at the the front desk, we were well received as they had been advised of our coming. After the check in and other inspections which was short as we were not entering the prison itself. They directed us to a meeting room just off the main entrance.

Mr. Westfield, greeted us as we entered the room. He presented an area where we could setup. He told his group, of how they were looking for a an inspection unit and how he had contacted Mr. Tim Lawhern of the DNR Hunter Safety Division, and Mr. Lawhern put him in touch with us. Then he introduced us to his group. There was about 25 to 30 in attendance at the meeting.

Note! We definitely sent Mr. Tim Lawhern, a thank you email for his referral.

We were given the opportunity to speak about our product to the members present. We told of the history of the product, explained how the product worked in the various firearms the prison brought in for us to use. And the use of the product by the various 20 State DNR Hunter Safety Agencies.

The 6 Canadian Providences and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Hunter Ed Instructors who use the Barrel-Lite™, as training aids in their Firearm Safety Classes.

My Wife Janet, and President of J.Bar Products Int'l., Inc. told a good story of an event which happened at one of the gun shows we had attended many years back to the group and they all had a great laugh.

Short version of the story is. A man came up to our table at one of the gun shows we have attended and looked at all the display guns and looked down each barrel.

Janet tried to explain the unit to him, He said to her, "I know all about the product" and again went and looked up and down the firearms. He said to Janet, "I have a question" Janet, told him to ask it. He asked her:   "Is that a thermometer?!

Janet, thought to herself, Ok, you know all about the product and asked a question like that. So she held out a Barrel-Lite™, towards the guy and replied to this person. "Why don't you bend over and we can find out" Needless to say the guy took off and never made another reply. He just scooted away very quickly.

Now Janet, does not usually say things like that, and having been a Nurses aid in her earlier years, she could not resists, but this guy had asked for it. This is her favorite story to tell when she gets a chance. Every one always has a good laugh from her story. Hope you did to! HA!HA!HA!HA! LOL.

After this presentation, Mr.Westfield took a break and during this brake, again using the three firearms the Prison had furnished us with a Pump Shot Gun and a Semi-Auto Rifle, and a 9 MM Semi-Auto, to use and show his staff how they worked in the various guns. The members of his staff came over to the table and while Janet, showed them how they fully worked and let them use them in the various firearms themselves. They were really amazed at how well the units worked with just the lighting in the meeting room.

While Janet, was doing this I was handing out to the different members a package with a certain number of units for each Correctional Institute to them. Which Mr. Westfield had requested for us to make up for them.

During the brake, Mr. Westfield asked us to send him another 25 units as he had forgotten one prison. We told him we can do that, and then we finished up and then thanked Mr. Westfield and the group for having us there at their meeting.

This was a new experience for us, and we believe we have opened another door and an avenue for the Barrel-Lite™, to proceed down. We asked Mr. Westfield if he would give us a letter of recommendation, that we could use in our upcoming contacts with other State Prison Correctional Institutions. He told us he would send us one.

We wish to thank Mr. C.T Field and Mr. Daniel Westfield and his group for allowing us this opportunity to make a personal presentation at his and their meeting. And for his order for a total of 430 Barrel-Lites®.

Submitted by,

John C. Barber Jr.
VP. Sales and Marketing
J. Bar Products Int'l., Inc.
1944 Cottonville Dr.
Arkdale, WI.

Our Barrel-Lite® is used at present by 20 USA State DNR Hunter Safety Divisions and presented to their Hunter Ed Instructors for a training tool in their Hunter Safety Classes. We have several Canadian Providences and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who uses them in the same method and in their Firearm Safety instruction course. Plus we have 250 Dealers around the country who have them in their sport shops. We also have many Hunter Safety Instructors who purchase them and use them as graduation gifts for their students.

We are always seeking new Dealers, Hunter Safety Instructors and looking for a few good distributors and sales reps or jobbers who may be interested in presenting our product to their customers. We offer a very good commission base.

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