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Bulletin #4 11-1-2008


Now that the Warrens Cranberry Festival is over and I have some time to write a short entry on the results of the Festival, as I was also working this past summer on a Cranberry Farm near us as part time summer help, and the Cranberry Harvest is over and my job ended at the end of the Harvest. This was a family run business and the Vanatta's at the Remington Cranberry farm I worked for were really great people to get to know and work for. I was treated with respect at all times.

I learned a lot about how Cranberries are grown and the care and treatment they must have to produce great cranberries, and how the farm and equipment is well kept at all times.

More work goes into a cranberry farm than one may think. By the way Remington Cranberry Farm is located on Hwy. 80, about 4 miles South of Babcock, WI. Right on the County lines of Juneau and Wood Counties. Visitors to the Farm are always welcome.

NOW as to the Warrens Cranberry Festival.

We set up on Thursday , We opened at 7 AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weather was good all three days. We sold a little over 300 Barrel-Lites®, on all three days. Most who purchased the Barrel-Lite®, were ladies who bought them a stocking stuffers for Christmas Gifts, for their husbands, boy friends, uncles, and sons, and brothers or other hunting friends they knew. Of course, we did sell to many actual hunters as well. Overall, we did as good as we have done at some Gun Shows we have attended over the years. Naturally one would have liked to have done better.

Now some may think that 300 Units is not a lot of sales. Well, this was not a Gun Show, or other Sport trade show. But it still was a worth while new adventure. We believe we will be going back next year and will try to have the same spot as we had this year as it served our set up perfectly. IN FACT, we will be looking into some other similar Festivals for next year.


John C. Barber Jr.
VP: Sales and Marketing
J. Bar Products Int'l., Inc.
Arkdale, WI.

The best in its class of a non Battery operated unit on the market today.

As Our Motto says: “A Clean Firearm is A Safe Firearm”

Our Barrel-Lite® is used at present by 20 USA State DRN Hunter Safety Divisions and presented to their Hunter Ed Instructors for a training tool in their Hunter Safety Classes. We have several Canadian Providences and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who uses them in the same method and in their Firearm Safety instruction course. Plus we have 250 Dealers around the country who have them in their sport shops. We also have many Hunter Safety Instructors who purchase them and use them as graduation gifts for their students.

We are always seeking new Dealers, Hunter Safety Instructors and looking for a few good distributors and sales reps or jobbers who may be interested in presenting our product to their customers. We offer a very good commission base.

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