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Bulletin #1 4-28-2008

We just went to the Wisconsin Hunter Ed Instructors Annual event this past weekend that was held in Stevens Point, WI. We have attended this event since 1990 and have been to all their annual events except one and that was when I.H.E.A. (International Hunter Ed Association) were held the same weekend. We attended the IHEA event in Los Vegas that year in 2005.

This weekend's event was a good program. Where as they held a small mini recertification program, and showed the hands on part and this will be the newer approach to teaching Hunter Ed to the young shooters coming up in the ranks and taking the Hunter Ed course. More hands on and I agree. it is a very good program as I was in attendance for the whole program. No, I am not an Instructor, but it is always good to keep up on how the new things are presented to the students. We had several coaches from the Wisconsin Hunter Ed Academy, their teaching the new methods to the instructors there.

We had about 75 in attendance this year. On Saturday evening after the classes, they held their Banquet Dinner and this was followed by the silent auction items being presented and the main raffle tickets being pulled. WOW, Janet my wife won a $100.00 Gift Certificate from Gander Mountain. Was an unexpected surprise. Will have to take her there and let her choose what she would like to have.

A benefit live auction was held after the dinner with yours truly doing the calling. I have been calling their benefit auction for the past 11 times of the past 12 years now. It has always been my pleasure to have been asked to come back each year and do this for them.

This is an annual event for the group and hopefully more will be in attendance next year.

P.S. We did have one new Hunter Ed Instructor purchase some Barrel-Lites from us to use as graduation Gifts for his student. Our thanks to Fred Rahm of Muskego, WI. Who has joined the ever increasing ranks of Instructors using our product.

VP: Sales for J. Bar Products Int'l., Inc.
BARREL-LITE's Motto: "A Clean Firearm is A Safe Firearm"

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